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桓台教研网搜索网络Soon, that came the jingzhou soldiers were brought to the account.A mat Jiang soldiers quietly head, Prepare to take advantage of the height, put an arrow here, however, just bob, heard a stuffy sound, countless arrow cluster spread around him, trunk, the ground and even many rocks, all plugged in by the arrow cluster, the bob of the soldiers including their own team, seven or eight people were nailed to the ground by the cold arrow cluster.

Before he finished speaking, a flying axe had already broken through the air and directly opened his skull, splashing his blood and brain. Xiongkuohai gave a sneer and looked at Li Hun. "You want to revolt!"In the early morning of the seventh day, ChengTou soldiers suddenly came to inform Li Yan, pound is the whole army, seems to be ready to siege.For a moment, The howls of abuse, begging and screaming were heard all over the harbor, unarmed and defenseless, and the armour was taken away, And the unsheltered soldiers of jingzhou, Desperate launched a few charge, but how can break through the defense, less than half an hour, the huge port has been filled with blood, a team of jiangdong soldiers began to deal with the corpse, also began to row into the river, looking for some jingzhou foot soldiers who want to jump the river to escape, the setting sun, the whole qua bathed in a bloody.桓台教研网"Perhaps." Lv Zheng smell speech did not answer directly, twist a head to look at XiongKuo sea way: "XiongShu, tonight you are afraid to take charge of the overall situation, Wang Shuanggang Yong, but the lack of general strategy, can not control the overall situation."

桓台教研网Add up on both sides of eight thousand soldiers have now been caught in a melee, zhang fei took the opportunity to directly rely on his bmw directly into the army in a brutal way, zhang eight snake spear in hand as a stick, just to retreat, not to kill the enemy, all the nearby soldiers forced open, people have been straight in the direction of wei yan to kill."Yes." Lyu3 bu4 smiled and nodded, "the sky to not take, but by its blame, don't want to seal the king, sun quan also sent me such a gift!"Stay back, only to find that PianJiang was at least a dozen arrows through the body nailed to the ground, and look around, their own dry QinWei also poured a piece, not bitter, hurriedly waved to his men to send a signal, let the other side of the troops from behind the enemy.

"Master, jiangdong if forced to urgent, I'm afraid..." Xun yu frowned, some worried, Lv Meng died in battle, Jiang Dong was badly wounded, Now shrink the line of defense, lure the enemy into depth, is also no way, jiangdong is sparsely populated, inadequate forces, after a defeat in jingzhou, the bottom of the house has not much, if jiangdong at the moment, directly to lyu3 bu4 defection, lu bu led lyu3 bu4 early, that result, is likely to cause cao cao to suffer.Ready, pang tong with wei out of the city, a mile away outside the city, is see zhuge liang with zhang fei, there are two hundred armed with rattan shield sword jingzhou soldiers behind.Will be the remnant of pretty soldiers into a team, looking for a more friendly general led with five creek pretty, zhuge liang in the third day, with a huge army came to deyang city.桓台教研网




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