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跌破发行价济南桑乐太阳能"What? The commander is dead! ?" The soldiers who were near heard the little soldier's voice, and the whole bank of the river burst open.Chapter 78 influence"I'm not kidding!

Although the complexion is still calm, but at the moment looking at all sides is almost one side of the battle, except to wait for death, Chen to do nothing."Misunderstanding? Liu DHS sneer at 1, shook his head: "back to chengdu in January, I not see milan side, it is said that milan has been ignored government affairs for march, general ling bract has been milan took power, now chengdu a cigar smoke, that day I forced into secretariat office, it is with my own ears I heard, were it not for the shorts to stop in time, today, I might have become a glass of yellowAfter all, it is a new thing, is deng xian for a time also can not think of the drawbacks, also was pang tong painting out of the picture pie to captivate the eyes.跌破发行价Deng xian sees wei yan vision to see, slight nod, immediately see to two people way: "I and ask you, that cushion river city guard general is who?"

跌破发行价"Master has made, the former milan hah, although during his tenure, unmistakably identified, breeding resentment, but it is the han clan, stripped of its hah, preserve its title, made to date, with a title of generals in ancient times, who returned to luoyang, served as minister to a, the other, before the profit ShouJiang Ren Zhong liver righteousness, bravery, brave, promoted to general coach, led the profit, many less for the main, to protect the profit." With that, the broad sea took a seal from an hussar and looked at the crowd. "who is zhang ren?"Who is the jiangzhou general?" Pang tong asked deng xian.Jingzhou needed more time to plan for the middle of shu. At this time, even if liu bei was really interested in the king's appointment, he could not ruin the relationship between him and cao cao.

"Do it! Then, without waiting for zhang ren's reaction, someone held a wooden stick with a piece of rope in front of him and caught zhang ren's limbs. Then several soldiers pulled him down"Well!""Impossible! < / p > < p > deng xian has not finished, zhang ren has flatly refused, he knows what deng xian is going to say, but a man of action and inaction, to his betrayal, absolutely impossible.跌破发行价




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