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烈日灼心结局|回收人造革Zhang he quite embarrassed to return to the wall, a face of shame to falling in to grant fuels: "regret not to listen to the words of the strategist!"Bing, wild goose gate county, mayi.

Zhang he pale, see gun flowers will devour him, but suddenly at the foot of the horse a soft, crashing down, d a stab empty, zhang he escaped a bullet, also regardless of the image, a lazy donkey rolling on the spot, avoid d crotch horse stampede, turned to rob a horse, turned around and ran."Monseigneur, which side shall we save first?"Zhao Yun said with interest, "Which four words?"烈日灼心结局|At this moment, kui head suddenly found, so big king's court, in addition to step root and temuzhen, oneself unexpectedly no one available!

烈日灼心结局|"Yes.""How about that?" Qui-head looked at step root, smiled and asked."Not in a hurry either. Take a night off and leave tomorrow." Tap He Man on the shoulder, this time, He Yi's death, let He Man has been very depressed, lyu3 bu4 also don't want to at this time, but also squeeze He Man.

"Temuzhen warrior, this period of time, in my xianbei king's court, live still used to it?" Looked at lyu3 bu4, kui head eyes flashed a touch of complex color, then quickly put away, face floating a smile, said with a smile."At the end of the day!" Pound, Liao Hua two people smell speech bow way."Oh?" Kui-tou looked at Lu Bu, The fear in his eyes was no longer concealed, But at the moment, can't help but give lyu3 bu4 face, The xianbei king's court now gathered nearly one hundred thousand troops, Eighty percent of them are lyu3 bu4 hand out, lyu3 bu4 fame in these people, than his khan is more useful, although the head of the gas is not enough, but not stupid enough, this time is absolutely not with lyu3 bu4 tore face, the moment asked gently: "temuzhen brother, what is it?"烈日灼心结局|




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