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哈苏妹搜翠网翡翠Chen gong sniffed the speech with a smile and did not answer, maybe, who will know the future? However, chang 'an at present, it does give people a sense of vitality.Zhang nodded and said, "I wonder where the Lord is?""No, go and wait on the lady." Lv bu shook shake hand, not be melodramatic, just he was used to the style of vigorous and resolute, let others give oneself dress, trouble does not say, and time-consuming also is long.

Old herders have already not care a lot, this few days rare calm, driving the cattle and sheep found a piece of grass lush pastures, looked at has some thin cows and sheep crazy chewing grass, feel relieved, go on like this, should consider migrating to the Great Wall, there although thin, but at least not as scary as here.'shall we go back now, miss? Li shuxiang came to the front of lu lingqi, hesitated to ask.Chapter 54 legal derivatives哈苏妹Fortunately, han sui did not enter the camp and fell into the siege. Five hundred warriors could hold off the attack of the qiang.

哈苏妹It may sound obscure, but in fact, there are no more than two words - benefit!"If the city of linrong is destroyed, the slaughter of every one will not rest. The Lord can intercept him halfway through the slaughter, and with the fighting power of the hussars and their troops, he will be able to defeat them greatly." Giffin admiring said, he is the first time in the true sense to see lyu3 bu4 trained fighting this Biao riding camp, three-step way of shooting with crossbows scattering power after improvement, fifty paces, almost no solution, as long as there is enough of the crossbow box, field, almost finished, cavalry, melee, the power of this double alloy armor also touching, coupled with Tibet, sharp giffin believe that even without the help of d and others through the enemy underestimate the effect, to lure the enemy, lyu3 bu4 solely on the force, can win the si in the county.Damage rules of this kind of thing, it is simple, but really want to do, Shouting what to say to establish new rules, not to wonder why you support why people are not willing to stand together with you, human held notion, without a hit to the immediate interests, it is impossible to change so easily.

Lyu3 bu4 light sigh, this year by the time the war is too much, now into the autumn, even if built workshop, also can't promote, but it doesn't matter, after next year to lay the hetao, acquire the material greatly in harmony is cool and hetao will windmill built first, in the third year of grain productivity can be improved better."What jade claw, look ok, but have no spirit head." "Hung kuo hai said with a pie in his mouth.On the vast land, thirty thousand xiongnu cuirassiers gathered into a huge array, dense as locust like swept by, billowing smoke from after the rolling up, gradually rising, seen from a distance, like a sandstorm swept over the general.哈苏妹




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