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淘宝规则中规定的违规行为有几大类|练泥机"Back to the general, the zhong yao seems to see through the general's plan, after a while outside the camp, suddenly withdraw, at the end of the way to catch up, but did not meet." Herman's face was blank.The mournful howl stopped abruptly with a scream, Thousands of people long just under the surround of subordinates turned on the horse, a broken and empty arrow cluster, cold through his throat, blankly looked ahead into the camp of the han army, thousands of people long open mouth, grasped to the void unwilling a few times, decadent from the horse slipped down, again silent."Here!"

"Forty thousand horse step army, I would like to see him lyu3 bu4 how to deal with this, huai li ShouJiang who?" Zhong yao sneer at a track.After a few days of trimming, Korea hence again to the north county and stability county a lead soldiers, this time, Korea hence will mainly concentrate on the north county side, for zhang liao, seibel, Korea hence can safely use qiang people and don't have to worry about their defection."Little general, the enemy is coming!" Pound pulled to erupt d, sink a track.淘宝规则中规定的违规行为有几大类|Zhong yao know, this is not each other's kindness, to prepare their time, but want to twist them into the river.

淘宝规则中规定的违规行为有几大类|"What is nameless?" Seibel coldly way: "master is general west, holding festival guanzhong, west cool place, Korea hence did not get the general mansion command, without permission to attack and kill colleagues, is unforgivable sin, when the troops for it!"Chapter fifty giffin advice

"General ma polite, this time under the orders of the tetrarch, to help." Zhang embroidery slightly hand way, As lyu3 bu4 under the first to lyu3 bu4 governors, even if there is no skill, when the original seal, also should be listed in the column of generals, not to mention zhang embroidery skills, but unfortunately, at the beginning of the giffin has just shown loyalty to lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 is not too relieved, after all, lyu3 bu4's elite, most are zhang embroidery original military forces."Present it!" Lyu3 bu4 and marotta face at the same time, waved."Zhe Ke." Withdrew the line of sight, look at his cronies, call kitchen spring way: "Can ever find out who these han people are?"淘宝规则中规定的违规行为有几大类|




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