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白豪之术维密魔法梳At the same time zhang he also found a point, these people are face dishes, as if they have not eaten for a long time.Kui head narrowed his eyes slightly, body slightly back, looking at the huns warrior, with a strange smile on his face: "you said good, if let temuzhen know you come for help, and we didn't send troops in time, he will be dissatisfied, so...""Lyu3 bu4, you die today, what else can you say?"

As a general, Nature also has the pride of military commanders, falling in to grant from the overall consideration, there is nothing wrong, but if refused to fight, perhaps in the armed forces morale is not damaged, but he zhang he will back a name of fear of war, at this time of zhang he, is in the golden age, although humble in ordinary days, but also has the pride of the warriors, regardless of falling in grant, led the city three thousand cavalry drowned in battle.Xu togeher glazed on the spot, Incredible look to lombardi, These words, in this day and age, Almost has been in say xu togeher sellers honor, For a famous man, It can be said that every sentence is over the heart, Xu togeher is a famous man after all, How can you stand such an insult, A pull out his sword across his neck, pitifully looked at lombardi: "ha ha, waste my life xu togeher to help you achieve great things, but ended up like this, harsh words, lack of vertical and plot, today, with a cavity of my blood to wash away the innocence, please put my head on YuanMen, pour to see how you were defeated by cao cao!"Chapter VIII Zhang he VS d白豪之术"Ah ~" a QinWei was Wei Yan under a fierce pawn a knife cut off his head.

白豪之术These days, xu togeher from jun trend, found a trace of wrong, cao cao seems a little worried, early in the morning with a team of pro-health around cao camp, hope to be able to find out the truth of cao camp.After a cup of tea kung fu, jinyang barracks, should have gone to lu bu Zhang Gu food but appeared in wang yong's barracks, wang yong looked at Zhang Gu way: "how?""Strategist, stargazing again?" Zhang he came forward, looking at falling in grant, smiled.

..."Nothing." Jiang xu shook his head, looked at his brother, smiled and said: "salary will rise, do a good job."Step root but don't know his brother at the moment of concern, in the news, he was glad to make good temuzhen is a right choice, now smiled and said: "several big tribes have begun to join hands to kill temuzhen, he has no way to go except to take refuge in us, congratulations, eldest brother, my king's court got this general, will be like a tiger's wing!"白豪之术





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