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廖狗蛋|丙酮回收Some people will cao cao's commands into arrows, please cao cao looked over, quickly sent to all parts.Chapter 16 GamblingXinfeng county if on weekdays, was not what important place, but now, is jun based on the foundation of jingzhao, xinfeng a loss, equal to break the zhong yao based on the root of jingzhao, zhong yao even if the alert is not in volt, but in jingzhao, also has no foothold.

"Here!" Li can not hesitate to promise, immediately turned away.Li Bao bit his teeth, sink a track: "My general long admire Cao Gong and adults, deeply lyu3 bu4 against the sky, special orders will come at the end of today, offer down table, pleaded with adults to take in."A cavalry, like a split wave from the rebels, the first member of the general, a zhang long, wearing a purple gold crown with three-pronged bundles, shoulders wearing a robe of flowers, wearing beast face swallowed gold armor, holding a pole zhang two long party day painting ji, sit down a majestic unusual red rabbit hissing beast, in the crowd, is very striking.廖狗蛋|"I know general peng want to gallop on the battlefield, but now the prime minister is busy in the northern war, liu bei, lombardi, simply unable to look west, we can mobilize military forces, lyu3 bu4 has now become a climate, temporarily not straight tassel its front." The middle-aged scribe said with a smile as he watched the young warrior lose some of his spirits.

廖狗蛋|"Kill it! Kill it! Don't run away!" Liu gan panic with the huns roared, however, the fear of emotion with lyu3 bu4 charge, like a virus spread in the huns, in the face of lyu3 bu4 monstrous prestige, let liu gan how to beat and scold, also can't stop deserters constantly appear."Yes." Giffin nodded. "it 's early spr, Whitewater qiang will be sown, hold sacrifices, no matter what grudges in the past, will be solved in this period of time, and choose the most beautiful woman in the family, marry the strongest man, master if you can see, with master's courage, is easy to get, when both can hold the beauty, and can get whitewater qiang loyalty, is not both beautiful. ""Kill ~" Wei Yan raised his sword, looked up to the sky sent out a violent roar, lost the impact of the cavalry, even less than infantry.

"Are you going to let me go?" D incredible look to lyu3 bu4."What are you doing?" County commandant as if to find the outlet to vent his anger, stare at the garrison way."Not yet." Chen gong nodded, just received lyu3 bu4 sent to send a brochure, received the news of Gong Du trouble, the migration plan, responsible for coordinating is not lyu3 bu4, but he, this kind of thing, nature should go to see, then invited the giffin to go with.廖狗蛋|




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