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宝贝儿你已经湿透了|青青秀身茶怎么样Governors officially blood on the second day, Liu Beizheng ready to say goodbye to cao cao, to preside over the fault off the war in Iraq, a drag often voice sounded in the calm of nahshon, rushed in a war, one knee tunnel: "master, tiger prison newspaper, lyu3 bu4 seibel, under ten thousand armies out of the city, as I xingyang nahshon, xiahou general already assembled troops, ready to fight.""Pick up these shields for me! Xia houyuan took a look at the shield on the ground, the eye moves, the reason why gaishun dare to have no scruple to put the arrow, is because his soldiers have the shield shelter, the penetrating power of the bolt can not shoot through the shield."To lose is to lose." Zhou yu ao however way: "the true man alive, win rise, also lose rise, how, you want to recruit surrender me?"

The troops around lv bujun quickly moved out of the way of a wide area, revealing the rows of ferocious broken crossbows behind the crossbows.Lyu3 bu4 can get great success on the average-land system, because lu bu has been completely abandoned by the family, and at that time, changan, west cool li deserted, plus lyu3 bu4 turf is his hard, has the very high prestige, lyu3 bu4 would completely under the condition of without external interference, will own a set of completely spread.And from time to time, throw down two oil tanks plus a torch, not to mention the wind leakage shield car, is the wood beast has a certain fire performance, but in the case of fire in all directions, also can be born to roast to death, and whether the iron thorn or oil, gao shun is the focus of the city gate.宝贝儿你已经湿透了|"It is better for an old man not to be boastful, than to have a trial against me!" Sun yi cold hums 1, turn around to walk, the public also joy of see a field lively, follow one head to come out.

宝贝儿你已经湿透了|"Intelligence said that zhuge liang under liu bei had developed a new crossbow. Ma was very curious about it. Be free and at leisure, I took him here to have a look. Lu bu sat on the handsome, smiling way.In cao cao's onslaught at any price, at the time of the tenth day, seibel completely missed the chance to back out of town, the moat outside the city have been flat, suspension bridge has completely lost control, cao cao's besieging troops can directly against the gates, but then again a month of time, jun cannot will continue to expand, the ground under the lifting of the hysteresis, it is impossible for engineering troops to siege, but more let the siege is jun, grinding his teeth, if the other party beforehand good lifting, they also can prevent, but seibel lifting is directly from the head of dropping, fundamental small-scale operations.Cao cao all gathered under a counsellor, also did not think of a good idea, seibel vigilance is very strong, even if they throw the bait, is never going to be thorough, a dozen go, make cao cao is not, don't chase, also not be, pursuit, if there is no shield, face the seibel range far, strong penetrating power of single crossbows, no way, but not out shield car, ordinary shield simply stop single-shot penetrating crossbow, seibel will stop run directly, in turn, a sweep.

Cao cao smiled and nodded, and some regret, dian wei, xu chu, the xi succession fell, his side, while leading a lot, but like guan yu, huang zhong this leading top but I can't find it, but liu bei this guy good life, with leading such first picked up guan yu, zhang fei, now have veteran huang zhong this defected, sheet is in Athens, cao cao now than liu bei, even the thought of this, for lu bu is boundless, resentment of his leading action, the vast majority of relationship with lyu3 bu4 to take, especially embroidered lyu3 bu4, zhang dian wei the bill also must be written in the lu bu head."I'll go, commander." Lv meng took zhou yu by the hand and said in a deep voice, "there is no lv meng and no commander in jiangdong!""Commander, or the end is near." "The latter took zhou yu by the hand and hurried on.宝贝儿你已经湿透了|




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