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朴有天朴嘉熙|扬州企业名录"Uncle zhi took Mr. Iranian to the hall first, and I'll follow him." Liu bei wen yan, hurriedly stopped to scold, smile to small general way."If you want to blow your own trumpet, wait till you have merit." Lu lingqi sneered."Well!" < / p > < p > four command and military division horse quickly bowed to lead, soon, four riding exploration horse toward the direction of the stone and ferry galloped away, gao shunze began to command the law team to record the achievements, clean up the battlefield.

Chapter 25 the greatest weakness is the sovereign< / p > < p > "roar ~" is a figure stopped lv bu, xu chu roared with a swinging hammer, a hammer hit the head of the red rabbit horse, is to kill the red rabbit horse first, then even if lv bu has a day of great ability, no red rabbit horse also can not catch up with cao cao."Got it." Lv zheng looked at jiang wei and said, "come here."朴有天朴嘉熙|Swing off zhang fei's spear, guan yu's broadsword is in the belly of lv lingqi across, fortunately, lv lingqi sat down BMW critical moment suddenly back, lv lingqi also made evasive action, avoid the cut belly, but the abdomen or to pull out a bloody wound.

朴有天朴嘉熙|Jizhou elite can be exhausted in this battle, before, big han family to jizhou, yingchuan, jingzhou three most powerful, guo jia this flood, jizhou family decline, but it is an indisputable fact, blame who? Lu bu? Cao cao? Or the late yuan shang, the former economic, military and political center of yecheng established by yuan shao, who has now become a dead city, no matter how noble your status, under the flood."Big childe, disaster to! Guo tu complexion is gloomy and terrible, taking a few minutes to look at yuan tan cold way."Butch ride, charge!" Tsao chwun pale complexion, single arm raised his hand in the pike, legs gave a horse belly, he can't refund, once lost limit lyu3 bu4 this elite team, for jun, would be a disaster, lyu3 bu4 slave army, under the guidance of holds the sea has prevailed, the yuan is still not the yuan jun, if make a title of generals in ancient times who lost, that jun will face collapse.

"Well!" The home will smell speech, hurriedly promise 1, trot to leave."Eldest brother, that what dog fart wolong good big shelf, I wait for several times three times to please, all avoid but see, this time if he does not come out again, I a fire less his that dog fart grass lu!" Snow, standing on the thick snow, zhang fei discontent jilted to jilt arm, now, liu bei is not yet I have nanyang, jiangxia relieving, under is also a talent, a brush, over, cui state, are sufficient management side of the talent, wu let alone, guan yu, zhang fei, a dynamic world, although Chen to fame do not show, a skill not under closed."I say you cry howl fart, rao person clear dream of thing, stare what stare? Are you still trying to kill me?" Xu you stared at xu chu with a cold smile and patted his face, saying, "if you march to battle, no one will die. If your brother dies, you will be happy."朴有天朴嘉熙|




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