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强奷系列小说在线阅读|北京中医药东方学院In the distance, the sound of mingjin came from liu bei's camp. Pound frowned and looked around, but saw that the jingzhou soldiers who had attacked the city wall by other ways had been repelled."This...... What a commander!" Many of them fell to their knees and stared blankly at the direction of the camp. Many of them began to cry bitterly. Some of them also called for revenge on zhou yu.

At this moment, liu zhang heart gives birth to an indescribable panic, he received the ground of chengdu now the wealth of above 90%, but until the enemy arrives at the city when, liu zhang just suddenly is startled feel, oneself is in capture these wealth while, also lost heart however.It has been nearly a month since liu returned from langzhong in shu, but he failed to see liu zhang. I heard that liu zhang had not summoned his ministers for a long time, and even ling bao could not see liu zhang except meng daChapter 87 control of the heart of the army强奷系列小说在线阅读|"What did you say? ?" Zhang ren office, zhang ren ugly looking at his steward, clenched his fist.

强奷系列小说在线阅读|"No, no." Pang tong smiled and shook his head. As long as he was allowed, no one was willing to kill him."This is a bit ridiculous, old man, even for money, should not make up such things." Mengda groped his chin, feeling a little resentful that he could not sweep his tail"Lord?" < / p > < p > under the hall, the subpoena of the soldiers worried to see sun quan.

"No way, no way!" Cao Caowen, a bitter smile: "at the very least, liu bei to important regalia stayed, male, you take a trip to jiangdong, tell sun quan, between them and liu bei things I don't care, but also hope to jiangdong don't came to provoke us, we are going to do now, is to deal with lyu3 bu4, have no ability to guard against jiangdong again, hope he can understand what the other is in danger of reason.""Mr. Pang, it's not that I don't understand." A general of shu said with a bitter smile, "this is only the policy of hou, the champion. "More importantly, pang tong brought with him langzhong's troops, that is to say, an army of 100,000 troops from langzhong had fallen to lv bu, which was the majority of troops in shu. Chengdu now has 30,000 garrison troops, but so what? There is no place to ask for help now, plus the deviation of the internal hearts, the garrison soldiers are not out of the state, otherwise, pang tong brought only 20,000 people, how can give chengdu so much pressure?强奷系列小说在线阅读|




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