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陈谨汐|水泥地面裂缝"Uncle to the jiangxia army, these years also did not see zhou yu can get cheap, kongming, do you want more? Zhang fei frowning way, although it sounds like that is the case, but think carefully and think that is unlikely, zhuge liang but the area along the river was full of beacon towers, zhou yu's any action, I am afraid that zhuge liang can not escape the eyes and ears, in this case, zhang fei felt zhuge liang some careful overdo."Bang bang bang ~""Lord, if this goes on, sooner or later they will open the gate and the moat will not stop these beasts!" Pound frowned.

"Ask him in." Zhang song wen yan stood up, he would like to see who is playing the devil."Just as the consigliere said, it would be very powerful if we could advance within eighty paces. However, we only advanced it within a hundred paces. "Shook his head, guan yu wry smile way:" even can't break open the other side shield."This...... "Zhou an smiled sadly and shook his head." the old slave is a military man, but he doesn't have the ability to recognize people. But I don't feel as happy as when I was with general sun."陈谨汐|"The young master must not die for it!" Zhou an let out a deep roar.

陈谨汐|"Volley! Put!" As the commanding officer gave the order, in the horrified eyes of cao cao and others, three thousand arrows as long as five feet passed directly over the top of the bowman's head in the front row and landed in the square behind."Secondly, the Lord has enough prestige and credit, sweep yong cool, horse step huns, seal Wolf guxu, force yuan shao, plus reward and punishment clear, meritorious work will be rewarded, have had to punish, even the Lord himself and his family must go according to law, and these things, liu zhang?

"Lord and minister think it will be easier to attack the city." Xunyou suggested at cao cao's side."At the end of my life, I will serve only one governor!" Lv meng said emphatically.< / p > < p > yi quanguo, sun jing with sun yi and a few close guard, gape at guan yu was so driven sheep general away, sun yi swallowed mouth water, see sun jingdao: "uncle, just what is that jar?"陈谨汐|




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