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古今船长的故事新闻彩色油泥"But with these two thousand soldiers and horses, the four thousand slaughters will be much more honest." Jia xu laughed."Big man messenger, you this is what meaning?" < / p > < p > juyan palace, juyan wang looked at the ugly face almost broke into the lu lingqi.

At this time, the outside of the camp suddenly sounded a burst of cheers, the king of the yue shi and wu will doubt of look at one another, it sounds, not like the enemy sneak attack, but spontaneous cheers, just this kind of time, what is worth their cheers?'rubbish! Tu wang ugly face will be a foot kick to open, looking at not gas, aggrieved and kicked two feet, tanu dare not fight back, can only hold the head, let tu wang vent.This so-called pseudo dragon gas, should be the dragon gas that fuses zhang xiu, han sui itself to be had as vassal place, plus oneself controlled this yong liang 10 prefectural gradually, after stabilizing popular feeling, just obtained the apportion of the system, no wonder after defeating han sui at the beginning, obtained its dragon gas to did not appear qualitative change however.古今船长的故事新闻"Miss." Chen gong shook his head and looked at lu lingqi. "DE rong said before that you are more composed than before, but it seems that you are not.

古今船长的故事新闻"Let him be." Saw zhaoyun one eye, lv lingqi some inexplicable fidgety, stride away.Jia xu is now wearing the official post of adviser worship wine, in fact, is lu bu's guest, single to the official position, is not qualified to accept zhang already this individual drive worship, but as lu bu's advocate, jia xu's status is not worse than Chen gong."Ha ~" pang tong sneered: "what general lu, but a brave husband, sooner or later will be destroyed."Man smell speech, surprised saw pang tong one eye, who is this goods after all? Look at this saying, it is not like the general house people will say, just doubt, suddenly sounded a shrill horn in the city, not like the daily heard the city guard's horn.

"The Lord is wise." Jia xu smelled the speech with a slight smile, since lv bu has already had the preparation, that he also has no need to say what more."When did you leave?" Zhang smiled sadly and looked toward Chen gong dao."The longer it takes, the better for cao cao. Lu bu nodded thoughtfully. The war situation in hebei was not only about lu bu, but also about jingxiang, liu biao and jiang dong, sun quan.古今船长的故事新闻




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