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谭望嵩追砍赵旭日|佳丽纤美"I ordered you to be the pioneer, Ma Dai and Ma Tie-lieutenant, and to lead all the ethnic groups from riding eight thousand, opening the way to the mountains, building bridges with water, and striking at the wild goose gate." Lyu3 bu4 draw an arrow, solemnly handed d."Zhang embroidery." Lyu3 bu4 finally looked at zhang embroidery way: "This time you will come to sit behind the town, help the waves to allocate hay, do not make a lack of!""Come out." Lyu3 bu4 looked to one side of the wing, smiled and said: "adult zhang has promised you, also don't come out to thank adult zhang."

Kirby can faintly become the head of the five major tribes, is because he in battle with step root, almost insight step root every step of the plan, even easily found step root of the main camp, in addition to xianbei khan, it is hard to imagine who can know step root every move."Yes!" Outside summoned xianbei warriors listen to the sound of a woman jiao chuan in the tent, only feel a surge of blood in the body, hurriedly agreed to 1, hurriedly left.But time changes, as lyu3 bu4 swept the grasslands, stirring up civil strife in xianbei, buried two hundred and fifty thousand main xianbei, to now, no one dare to describe lyu3 bu4 with these four words, if lyu3 bu4 close to, with his reputation in the north now plus lyu3 bu4 bing identity, for Yuan Shaojun, that is a real disaster.谭望嵩追砍赵旭日|This time, accompanied by not only five thousand cavalry, there are five thousand horses, this time, with cavalry is no different.

谭望嵩追砍赵旭日|Giffin smell speech silently, in the heart, for falling in grant do not feel what's wrong, they can't sit back and watch the fire spread, must put out the fire, also conducive to the people, if there is no fire, falling in grant how can take away the twenty thousand troops, change of place and place, giffin most likely will also make the same choice.In the dark, these beggars do not know how many enemies, many beggars began to fly around without a head.Even so, but the heart was also severely shocked, not shocked temuzhen battle power, but shocked his madness, if normal people, in their own tribes were devastated, according to the normal emotions of mankind, the first response is to go up desperately.

"Master rest assured, sentence suddenly remember!" Sentence suddenly bowed down.In the past three surnames slaves, shaking, now has become a national hero, which makes many people some turn around, for this matter, nature is mixed, and even a wise man leapt out, accused lyu3 bu4 slaughter 250,000 lives, make the grassland, against heaven and, he will be damned!Two people QinBing naturally won't sit back and watch their own leader was besieged, from both sides to kill, scene, instantly become chaotic, barracks, Kirby can troops in know Kirby can be TaBaJi powder and Murong GUI killed, instantaneous riots, and then the whole barracks will fall into a fight.谭望嵩追砍赵旭日|




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