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qiangjiantupian|姜老太鼻康膜He wants to provoke the relationship between Korea and Marten, In order to make the west cool civil strife, unable to look south, to win a relatively stable external environment for themselves, but also for the future soldiers into the west cool, so he hopes that Korea hence and marten, but don't want two too early to separate the victory or defeat, a divided west cool obviously more in line with lyu3 bu4's interests than a unified west cool."Master, execution is over." Hande came to lyu3 bu4, sink a track."Master, this is one of the twelve haoshuai baishui qiang, han name is yang wang." Giffin introduced lyu3 bu4, slightly imperceptible nodded to lyu3 bu4.

Chen Qun suddenly looked bright, took out a surname: "Cao Gong long heard of Wen Yuan general wisdom and bravery unparalleled, special seal Wen Yuan general for jincheng satrap!""Eldest brother, Mr. Hua Tuo is out." Ma dai surprised sound sounded behind him, d, suddenly got up and strode into the corridor, is seeing hua tuo out of the wing.qiangjiantupian|Whether it's Cao Cao or Yuan Shao, are unlikely to take the initiative with lyu3 bu4, Because the west cool situation has become clear, Both sides of the war is imminent, it is impossible to take into account this side, zhang he is still cantoned in the shangdang, lyu3 bu4 believe, as long as lyu3 bu4 don't cross the border, zhang he is impossible to actively meddle in the west cool war, that Korea hence now, I'm afraid only hetao huns or conference semifinals in the western regions, no matter which way, lyu3 bu4 can tolerate.

qiangjiantupian|"Your excellency, wronged, please listen to me will tell the truth, if the general also cut me, Li Bao also recognized. Said Li Bao with a wry smile.A line of people with escorts hurried to the huns camp, but saw as Li Kan said, the huns are packing, Korea hence with people found Liu Meng, wondering: "What is this?""This..." At listen to xun yu said, some blankly shook his head: "or the reckless man?"

"Wen Hou pardon." The woman nodded, let the people follow, when first with people across the bridge, closed YuanMen slowly open, a line of people on horseback through, through large tracts of farmland, toward the wild mountains."Leo?" Lyu3 bu4 dazed, then react to come over, overjoyed: "Please, no, I personally go to please!" Said the man has been the wind and fire towards the outside."Good martial arts, now surrender, there is still time!" Wei yan and cao peng stalemate more than ten, see the overall situation has been decided, nature don't want to desperately with cao peng, a knife will cao peng's knife split, loudly way.qiangjiantupian|




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