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北京郊区仿美国小镇夯实器"You see to it, I don't care, but don't overdo it. Pang tong shook his head, thinking of his confused was pulled to lu bu chariot by jia xu, the heart could not help but a burst of putty slanting."I was just in charge of getting the word out and telling people that you were suspicious of me, but I didn't understand when the general found out?" Ford leaned against the stern, but did not move. Chen was staring at him now, with no chance to escape.

Military people eagerly waiting for your return to give you a replacement, liu DHS is a suppress panic in my heart, it has been confirmed, but he doesn't know how to back to the army to psychological explanation, one side is your grace, one side is our brothers in arms, the king tired eyes out just hung on the door of the wangs, after confirm those things are true, he did not know how to go to milan"Well!" Deng xian solemnly salute, look at pang tong way: "just now our army grain worrying, I do not know how to prepare Sir?""He... Why so angry?" Liu zhang puzzled to see meng da."Er... Little things, I'll explain." Meng da patted his head, dark strange pang tong did not put the man tied up, originally prepared to wait for the end of the matter, and then privately explain, now it seems that must be quickly clear, or god knows what will happen in the end.北京郊区仿美国小镇"This flying dove transmits the book is convenient, zhang ren over there, I am afraid has not received the news?" Pang tong put down his letter and looked at wei yan with a smile.

北京郊区仿美国小镇On the way, many generals who had received the news also came, including a dozen who had previously acted against the soldiers. They only saw the pale complexion of liu's face, and no one came forward to talk to him"Only the seal... "Guan yu hesitated for a moment, some regret way, in his view, the world has the right to enjoy the piece of wang Yin, liu bei is the only one, but liu bei did not care about wang Yin's things, even did not mention, guan yu knew, eldest brother this is ready to give up the king.Chapter 80 the alliance is dead

"Housekeeper." He thought for a moment"Impossible! How could the commander be killed? You must be spreading rumors about the cholera service!" A general growled angrily and kicked a soldier to the ground.When wei yan, according to the instructions of pang tong at that time, received the information and arrived in langzhong with 6,000 troops to escort the grain and grass of hanzhong, he was warmly welcomed by all the officers and soldiers of langzhong daying camp.北京郊区仿美国小镇




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