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铁血狂医|七秒钟鼻炎喷剂"This...... "Deng xian was stunned and looked at the troops behind wei yan. He hesitated and said," it is just as well that the generals and soldiers should wait.As long as hold this point, plus chengdu interior emptiness, zhuge liang believe, enough to persuade those families, as for the law will be aware of, can not completely give up because there is such a possibility, zhuge liang believe, with ma su's wit, may not be lost in fazheng.Wave a hand, behind 100 tiger guard soldiers quickly stopped, deputy head forward, doubt looked at the tiger guard head a: "how?"

"Oh ~""Send someone to song mountain to fetch wang Yin back." Cao cao nodded and looked at xiahou dun, saying, "this wang Yin remains outside, always a scourge.At the time of confrontation between two people, a small school galloped to, looking at the confrontation between two people, some stunned, meng da indifferent way: "speak."铁血狂医|"Clatter ~"

铁血狂医|Then a step forward, will liu d * * * up, smile way: "before many offended, but tong today into the shu alone, with the Lord, in that case, can only offend, the general rest assured, after entering the shu, pang not only to help the general hand blade liu zhang, but also to make the general love his wife back to the general body"Much talk! Meng da cast a cold glance at the bodyguard, checked his words, looked in the direction from which he had left, and smiled coldly"Pang tong has seen the generals!" Pang tong looked around, the situation of the whole camp is clear at the moment, at present in this camp, there are two master, it seems that zhang ren has been taken.

But although fell, that wants to compete with the central plains general the idea of a lower or higher position did not fade subsequently however, after all, no matter what kind of reason, the reputation of the surrender general is not good after all, especially zhang fei that arrogant maniac day after day swaggering, yan yan needs a war to prove himself.Sun quan thought secretly tidy up the week yu, not only because of sun ce things are likely to be zhou yu, but because of the influence of zhou yu, zhou yu's prestige in the army is too big, big to even sun quan holding tardif, follow the leading of sun ce wimer these former turned on, but in jiangdong army, zhou yu in a word, even better than his own commands to work, he can only cultivate their new forces, such as zhou tai, boat squads, is sun quan, in order to have a close team up, even if the two men had also done ShuiFei, sun quan also don't care, he needed, just loyalty."A usurper in guanzhong?" Pang tong raised his eyebrows and shook his head with a sneer. "the general is liu铁血狂医|




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